Immigration vs. Environment

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Dick Lamm wants people to think about why immigration is bad for the planet.

The Democrat and former three-term Colorado governor is part of a group pushing to ban illegal immigrants from using state services. He doesn’t want to be pegged a racist for joining the right on the issue, though. For Lamm, it’s about the big picture.

“The ecosystem doesn’t need another 300 million consuming Americans,” he said. “I’m just appalled that the environmental movement, in its political correctness, doesn’t take on this question of how big we want to be.”

Al Bartlett, a retired CU professor famous for his talk about the dangers of population growth, said the United States needs to focus on its total numbers, not just immigrants.

The U.S. population is expected to hit 300 million this year, up from 150 million in 1950.

“Immigration is estimated to be about three-quarters of the population growth in the U.S.,” Bartlett said. “But the problem is numbers, not people.”

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  1. Brad Says:

    I quit the Sierra club for this very reason. No one wants to address population increases and the effect it has on the environment. Most environmental groups are afraid they will be considered racist and not pc if they come out against immigration (illegal & legal). The sad fact is the habitable portions of the planet are becoming increasingly over populated. Few want to recognize that there are a finite amount of resources on the planet and they will only go so far. Population increases will end the human race as we breed ourselves into extinction. Most wars are fought over resources, someone has them and someone else wants them.

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