Mexicans Sell Explosives To Iraqi’s?

Daily Bulletin

Despite assurances from government officials that the border with Mexico is secure, a Department of Homeland Security document obtained by the Daily Bulletin reveals that law enforcement officials are seeking five Mexican nationals suspected of bringing explosives into the United States.

The internal “Intelligence Alert” from the Office of Border Patrol — issued to law enforcement officials Jan. 12 — stated that the Mexican nationals were heading to San Francisco to sell the explosives.

One Response to “Mexicans Sell Explosives To Iraqi’s?”

  1. contessa Says:

    Let’s see 215 incursions by Mexican military onto U.S. soil at borders, last week’s armed standoff between Mexican military caught protecting/aiding drug smugglers crossing our border, the discovery of the largest underground drug smuggling tunnel in San Diego, - Sounds like

    WE NEED A FENCE on the BORDER and WE NEED our Military to secure it. Mexico and their government prove on a daily basis that they can’t be trusted and could care less about our national security. They officially encouarge illegal immigration and their military protects the drug smuggling. Speak out to your legislators!

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