Sentator Barbara Boxer Protest A Success!

The following is a report from the rally organizer:

THANK YOU to all of you who called Babs!

I asked Boxer’s San Bernardino aide, “Did Senator Boxer get a lot of calls today?”

“Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds,” he answered!

Senator Boxer’s office is next to Assembly member Baca’s office. Baca’s staff members came out periodically to listen and look.

San Bernardino almost seemed like a city in bondage that viewed us as liberators. Lots of thumbs up. Of course, we also had hecklers - but more on the positive side.

Telemundo Spanish TV joined us and filmed away.

We stood on both sides of the street - under Boxer’s second story window - in full view of her office - and within earshot!


This was a small office. A Minutewoman walked up to Boxer’s second floor office and asked if we could meet with the staff. We were told to wait an hour.

We went back a second time and Boxer’s staff said we could bring ralliers up to speak to the two person staff. About half of our ralliers remained in place outside - chanting.

There was a lobby and then office area behind a bullet proof window. So each rallier spoke to staff through this window.

Everyone who wanted to speak to Boxer’s staff had the opportunity - and spoke as long as they wished

When we were done, I asked the legislative aide when I left if Barbara Boxer was aware of our visit. She said emphatically, “OH YES!”

And then I asked if Boxer knew of the protest, and again, even more emphatically she said, “OH YES!”

The aide said she would give our information to the Senator.

When we returned to the protest on the sidewalk, one counter protester had joined us.

She had borrowed our marker and was making a sign on a piece of cardboard. That’s the sign above. Well, we started to talk to her and we all found out we had much in common.

We ended up befriending her.

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