ICE Seizes 8 Tons Of Prehistoric Pinecones And Eggs!

Okay, I’m almost not sure if I should laugh or cry at this one. There are thousands of wanted illegal alien felons on the loose in the United States, and thousands attempting to cross the border every day, and tons of cocaine and methamphetamine crosses the border from Mexico and ICE has been investigating the smuggling of DINOSAUR EGGS AND PINECONES?

TUCSON ? Acting on a lead received through Interpol, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents executed a seizure warrant at the Tucson Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase earlier this month, seizing nearly eight tons of rare fossils, including prehistoric pinecones and dinosaur eggs.

ICE obtained the seizure warrant after receiving information that a vendor at one of the nation?s largest gem and mineral shows was potentially selling fossils illegally smuggled out of Argentina. ICE agents conducted undercover surveillance and obtained digital images of the suspicious specimens. After examining the images and conferring with representatives of the Argentinean Paleontological Society, authorities at Interpol advised ICE that the fossils have significant scientific value and it was ?highly probable? they are of Argentinean origin.

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  1. Contessa Says:

    So, Julie Myers has made good on her promise to make enforcement a priority, thank goodness she caught some dinosaur egg and pinecone smugglers - now we can all sleep better at night!

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