Tommy Lee Jones Says Stupid Things In Mexico

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U.S. actor and traitor Tommy Lee Jones called plans by United States lawmakers to build a high fence all along the border with Mexico ‘a great stupidity.’

‘We should take it only for the idiocy it is ? a destructive, bad, impractical idea that anyway is not going to happen. Even if they get together enough money to do it, almost anybody can dig a hole under it or blow up a piece of it,’ the actor, who speaks fluent Spanish, said at a press conference here

Last December the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill to strengthen immigration policy, which contemplates building five walls along the Mexican border to stop the influx of undocumented aliens.

Jones said that ‘people in politics and in the government (of the United States) trying to make themselves attractive become paranoid, hysterical dealing with issues like the border to identify themselves with a cause and so improve their political job security.’ He also criticized those in the United States who support civilian groups that patrol the Mexican border hunting immigrants.

Jones was here to present his film ‘The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada,’ which premiered Friday in Mexico and with which he made his debut as a director on the big screen.

The movie takes place on the Mexico-United States border, and tells the story of Pete (Jones), a U.S. rancher who after the death of his friend Melquiades (Julio Cesar Cedillo), a Mexican cowboy who entered the U.S. without immigration documents, makes a trip to Mexico to bury his friend there according to his wishes.

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  1. Contessa Says:

    Would someone please tell Tommy Lee, Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Jeneane Garofolo, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney to


  2. Brad Says:

    This is exactly what I have been referring to in my other posts. You can divide the supporters of illegal immigration, or unlimited legal immigration into a few distinct groups.

    First you have the folks like Contessa mentions. These people are successful, famous and wealthy. Their motivations are well intentioned, but misguided. They are not affected by illegal immigration, have little insight into the problems illegals cause for other Americans and believe that America can sustain increased numbers. They want to help the entire world and think they can do that by allowing everyone in.

    The second group is the educated elite. This group is also not affected by increased immigration numbers. They see America’s historic immigration policy as America’s greatest strength and want it to continue. They too refuse to see the plight that increased numbers of immigrants bring to other Americans. They also refuse to see the real threat that increased numbers have on our environment, natural resources, health and education systems.

    The third group are the people with family members who are still in other countries. These folks have a better life here than in the old country and want their entire families to enjoy the prosperity. While some of these folks are doing pretty well economically, many are just getting by. They do not care that increasing immigration levels so family members can migrate, also makes it harder for them economically. After all it is easier to be poor in America than in a third world country.

    The fourth group is the La Raza bunch. They see increased immigration levels as a means to gain politcal power and wealth. The folks at the top care about immigrants as much as the fifth group, they are just pawns.

    The fifth group is the wealthy exploiters. These are the people who make a living off exploiting illegal immigrants. They want cheap labor, no taxes, no workman?s com or insurance. They want slave labor or a peasant class that they can control. They see the middle-class, wage and labor laws as a thorn in their side. They are only affected by immigration when its levels are too low.

    With the exception of the third group, most supporters of increased immigration numbers, illegal or not are unaffected by them. They do not have to compete with them, live with them, share their education and health care systems with them. They are above it all. Immigrants both legal and illegal are not a problem for them.

  3. The Watchdog Says:

    Brad, I think you covered all the bases with that post.

  4. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Great post Brad! At last report, Benedict Jones had him a ol’ ranch outside a’ BANDERA TEXAS, a town small enough to find him. Just in case there is someone who lives down around there and wants to wish him well. He has no personal vanity site to register complaint to but his literary agency is ICM and is very easy to access on the net. Multiculturalism is the true religion of all of these people so unfortunately no amount of logic, reason, persuasion can convince them off the fraudulency they believe. Attack them too strongly and it only confirms that you are the devil, it reaffirms their self righteousness.

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    ha! I entered three of my long winded, pointed diatribes and they havent posted a one of them. I told them clearly that I am/was an illegal alien myself, just not one that would look pathetic enough to put on a postcard and profit off of. I am a White middle class American, and in my time of law breaking, I learned a long and hard lesson that ‘equality’ is only a luxury for some-and that I was exempt from mercy, charity,assistence,etc. You have to be a certain race for that you see…? and…thats what Social Justice is all about…see?

  6. CL Says:

    yeah, Tommy Lee is a putz! I saw the Movie ‘3 Burials’ last Sat. and I wasn’t impressed. I expected to see a Movie that was PRO Illegal Alien (and it was) but instead it showed me a very lonely side of Mexicans, both here illegally and there in their homeland. It also portrayed Texans in my opinion, in a bad light so I didn’t care for that much either. It was worth the $7.50 to see, I guess, if only to get away from ‘real life’ for awhile.
    I watched the credits and it looks like it was filmed in several places here in Texas, and I found that interesting.
    He’s a jerk and ranks up there in the jerk files with Michael Moore, Geraldo and Shrub.

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