Day Labor Center Wants More Money To Study Why They Are Ineffective

Via email:

Contessa says - Brought to you by the folks who authored and sell the best-selling books, entitled “English for Day Laborers”, and whose director (Gustavo Torres, career professional illegal immigrant advocate) threatened to stalk the children of Minutemen monitoring one of their many illegal alien day labor centers, a request by CASA of Maryland (a taxpayer funded illegal immigrant advocacy group) for more public funds to study why it’s day labor center in Herndon, VA is ineffective. Are they kidding?!

Take note of The Gazette’s March 1 article, ��Problem for day laborers continue to escalate,” as it may soon be relevant here. Apparently, the presence of a day laborer center does not necessarily eliminate gatherings of workers elsewhere in the community.

Interestingly, Casa of Maryland is asking for county funds to study why so many workers choose to not use a center run by Casa. Yes, Casa is looking for funds to study why their own center is ineffective. Given Casa’s cozy relationship with the county, they will likely get the funds. The results of the study will no doubt recommend more funding (to Casa) to expand their services.

Aside from the ineffectiveness of their centers, we should be concerned that Casa is becoming the de-facto, unelected representative of a portion of our community. One must wonder why it is that our local officials are unwilling to provide such representation, but feel more comfortable outsourcing this task to Casa.

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