Stand Or Fall

Chris, a good friend of mine, sent me this email message.

The Mexican Revolution in the US has begun….

Whether we want to face it or not, we are on the virge of one or two eventualities:

- Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens
- Violence if they don’t get amnesty

If you have been awake this past week you know we have what amounts to a revolution and brewing foreign insurgency here in the Southwest US. This is the culmination of decades of utter incompetence and malfeasance by our elected officials.

In my estimation we are beyond the point of no return. The analogy I have been using is as such:

The pin on the grenade you are holding has been pulled. Inserting the pin back in the grenade is not an option because its broken. Either you let the spoon go and it explodes in your hand are you try and lob it over the fence and hope for the best. Even then, you might get hit with the concussive effect.

The grenade is the 15-20 million illegal aliens and their supporters in this country. The spoon is the deciding body on what to do about them. Letting the grenade detonate in your hand is the amnesty program and throwing it is enforcing the law. However, an attempt to exercise rigorous enforcement at this point is going to be, even if our politicians would order it (which they wont), a challenge of immense proportions. The illegal alien forces have now been whipped into a rabid frenzy and to try and defy their demands is sure to lead to an uprising.

Thanks to the largely apathetic American populace who sat idle and let our politicians get away with this crime for decades we have put ourselves in a situation that is virtually inextricable without some level of conflict.

We have to decide as a nation if we care enough to stand up to this lawless uprising and our rogue politicians or whether we continue to wither and die on the vine, weeping as our country is converted to a third world slave state. We’ve allowed Mexican nationalism to fester on US soil for too long and now the jaws of the insurgency are open wide and closing fast. Its now or never…..

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  1. David Says:


  2. Ron Says:

    David I’m with you all the way, but unfortunately the will of the citizens to preserve this nation and its American culture is not. The corporate politicians in Washington will give amnesty in one form or another to the illegals, and Americans/middle class will sit in their houses and take it right in the ass. The treasonous politicians understand that the citizens of this country want the invasion stopped and are laws enforced, but they simply DO NOT CARE.

    Do you ever hear any politicians except for a very few Republicans (J.D. Hayworth/Tom Tancredo) ever discuss what is best for Americans and what the legal citizens of this country demand, no. We get Jorge Bush, the U.S. Senate, and the whole democratic party talking about the need for sympathy and accomodation for the illegal aliens. I have never been more disheartened for the future of this once great country. Everything I was taught, believed, and prided myself on pertaining to our government and country is apparently a farce.

    When this amnesty passes, I will go to Washington and tell these traitors in Washington exactly what I think personally. I hope the rest of the citizens of this country will be behind me but I severly doubt it.

  3. Henry Says:

    Like it or not, we Americans share the blame for encouraging illegal immigration. We provide the jobs these people are coming for. We provide them for various reasons. Some of us are too greedy to pay citizens decent wages, some of us are too lazy to mow our own lawns and many of us are just too busy working to have time to raise our kids ourselves so we pay illegals to do it for us. I think greed (translate to profit) is the main factor. American WILL do the jobs that illegals do if you pay them wages they can live on ( and kick a lot of them off welfare and unemployment insurance). Up until the 1950s and 60s American citizens did harvest most of the produce in this country. I had summer jobs picking cherries in the 1950s and I don’t remember seeing any illegals working there.
    There are some things that all of us legal Americans can to to help the problem. Some of them may sound difficult or harse but we have to do something if we don’t want our kids and grandkids to be citizens of Atzlan.
    1) Fire your gardener or nanny if your suspect them of being illegal aliens. If you must have a domestic employee, try to find legal employees. It may be hard to find someone and you might have to pay a little more, but somebody has to sacrifice something. Mow your own lawn. Go out and buy a (Made in USA) lawnmover and get out there on saturday instead of going golfing or watching TV. You might even lose a few pounds and get a little healthier out of the deal.
    2) Never, ever buy anything from a street vendor….anything….ever.
    3) The Home Depots in my area (Southern California) usually have two groups of guys hanging out on weekends waiting for work. The Latino guys and the Black guys. If you must hire somebody there hire the Black guys. They are most likely American citizens and will probably do just as good a job as the Latino. Plus you will probably be able to communicate what you want them to do better.
    4) Boycott American produce. I never thought I would advocate buying imported goods but it would help solve the problem. Look at the labels on your fruit and packaged produce. Buy New Zealand apples, Chilian grapes and most of all Mexican produce. Every ton of tomatos grown and harvested in Mexico keeps a Mexican employed south of the border instead of north of it. Also eventually it might send a message to American growers that they need to hire legal employees. I personally would be willing to pay more for my produce to stop the flood of illegals.
    5) Boycott companies that you know or suspect of hiring illegals. Rumor has it that Tyson foods hires many illegals in their packing plants in Arkansas. California landscape architect firms admit that 86% of their labor is comprised of illegal aliens. Don’t use these guys. Do a little research and boycott blatant abusers. Sure it is going to drive up wages, which will drive up prices. But again, do you want to live in a traditional American culture or an Atzlan culture?
    6) Use the only weapon that we legal citizens seem to have against this invasion - YOUR VOTE. Force the politicians out from under the rock they all seem to want to crawl under rather than offer their opinion on illegal immigration. Find out what they want to do about it and make the 2006 elections a one-issue election. P.S. If you live in LA, never vote for Mayor Villaragosa (Mayor “Si se puede”) again for any office. Vote for the guys who want to enforce the law. I heard on NPR yesterday from an immigration expert that THREE US companies were fined by the Federal government in 2004 for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. Three! That in itself is criminal in my opinion.
    All these thing are going to cost us money. They are going to raise wages and prices. We may experience shortages of goods and labor for a while, but the solution is not going to be simple or cheap. Anyway we are paying a lot now for our overcrowded and overwhelmed schools (and look at the quality of education in American public schools in the last 30 years), emergency rooms and welfare systems. You and I - all of us are going to have to make a sacrifice if we want to end this problem. Its your decision.

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