Who Will Pick Our Fruit For Us?

Pardon My English

One reason we?re supposed to rejoice at the pitter-patter of illegal feet is that foreigners are only coming here to ?do jobs Americans won?t do.? It?s one of those basic assumptions upon which the argument in favor of forgetting we have borders, a culture and laws rests, and even President Bush mentioned this ?truth? while speaking about immigration reform recently. And, undoubtedly, there are certain immutable laws of economics.

Only, this isn?t one of them.

The next time someone mindlessly parrots this mantra, just ask, ?What jobs would those be?? As you?ll soon learn, the answer doesn?t really matter, but sometimes we?re shamed by didacts who oh-so-sternly say that illegals are the people who ?pick our fruit for us.? So, fruit picking ? something that must be in league with being a rat catcher in Victorian London or Wile E. Coyote?s stunt double ? is as good an example as any.

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Thats one of the best opening lines I’ve read in a while! I’ll use it whenever I can. If you go to the link, youll find the whole article to be great. I’d never heard of that site. Thanks for posting it. Speaking of that, We have a long weekend ahead of us here, and our national psyche has fresh wounds and newly opened scars from all of the tantrums refered to in the press. As such, there is no better time to spread the word. I would like to ask if those of us here, spend a little time and cut/paste links to this site and others which GIVE US THE LUXURY OF SPEAKING OUR MINDS IN PUBLIC. We here speak the forbidden truth. It is incalculable how many Americans are out there DYING to just be heard. You cant speak these things at work-except in hushed tones while looking over your shoulder. You cant speak them almost anywhere in the land of the free. But to that, I ask, how then are we free? That is why I again make the request that we send links of this site and others like it to everyone on our email lists. The visual re-inforcement if the videos like the one above are incalculabe in value. Sleeping people sleep tightly clinging to their slogan-dollys. Those dollys need to be pulled away from them forthwith. There are few more effective ways of cutting through Years of comfortingly held false beliefs than to show the above video. No one can refute the danger we are in after seeing that. Now I would like to be a little more topical; Take it from me, a former fruit picker who was doing work that ‘no Frenchman would do’, any theory which uses fear as its motive device is to be shunned and its agents, left severely alone. Everywhere we are told ‘if you dont let the invasion continue, your economy will collapse’, etc….Is that NOT a fear driven arguement? Is fear NOT the basis of terror? Who then Sr. bush, is the terrorists? Where are the terrorists? Why are we fighting them ‘over there’WHEN WE HAVE A 30 000 000 ARMY OF DRONES on our own soil and a small cadre of puppet masters pulling strings here at the highest levels. …White house anyone? Forest for the trees anyone? Thats enough for me for now. I have to speed off to do a job no American will do. Good luck and God Speed Patriots!

  2. David Says:

    Hey Vincent, ever thought about starting your own paper? I’ll be your first subscriber!

    Anywho, I would like to know what these jobs are that Americans won’t do. I have done just about every odd job you can think of. Dairy farm, worked in hail fields, hung tobacco, carpentry, laborer, ect. I have never picked fruit, which makes me wonder if I should try that this summer.

    I have sent out links to this site and hope my friends will send it out and so forth. Let’s all give it up to Watchdog for keeping us informed!

    P.S. I work nights so I look at this site when I get home. If my grammar and spelling are bad, it is because I am dead tired and can’t see the keyboard!

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Ha! ..no-but thanks. its the opposite for me usually. I have to wake up in the wee smalls and head off to my job. Then in the evenings. I couldnt agree more though- to run a site of any kind is a whole job in itself, and Im sure the WD doesnt get any grant money from ANY treasonous ‘foundation’ So any support we can give, we ought to. Its dangerously flattering to think that our forefathers sat around in powdered wigs and neatly tailored frock coats while this kind of thing was happening in their time- but no- they were men just like us, and came home from work dirty and tired JUST LIKE US. I think that we ought to honor their memories. THE FIGHT IS JUST BEGINNING FRIENDS!!!!

  4. Levada McMillan Says:

    Who will pick our fruit??…or who will build the houses, etc, etc…I’m sick to death of these people thinking they are the ONLY ones who will do these jobs. What about NYC who built all of those skyscrapers? The Mexicans??? Don’t think so! We did fine without them then and will do fine without them now. What we should do is go to the jailhouses and get all of the nonviolent criminals to have those jobs with minimum pay like the mexicans and at night they can go back to jail. Send these illegals back to their home and let them do these jobs there! Because if they’re all up here, who’s doing the jobs down there?

  5. Pete Rose Says:

    Virtually all men in the U.S. are required to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Now with this law being broken as well by the Un-Documented 12 million craping on my home land. Is my Son suposed to protect the way of life, these 12 million seek.
    I am sick of the weak political attempt to apeaze this vote potential. Boot every un-documented that has no selective service card. That is a starting point.

  6. Lara Says:

    well these illegal can apply in the military and fight in the war in Iraq so Our soldiers can come home and be with their families.If these illegals want a job ? well go fight in a war and prove to us Americans that they will fight for this country and the freedom us American love and respect or they can go home. their is enough of illegals in this country to recuit in this war, their is no excuse. except if they refuse.And if they refuse deport them.

  7. Kaye Says:

    Lara, I can’t agree with you more. I have two sons serving in the military, one just left Iraq and the other about to go to Afghanistan. The son about to go to Afghanistan tried over and over to get hired in the oilfields in this northwest corner of NM. The jobs were repeatedly filled with illegals. Now I know it’s a lie when they say, jobs no other American will fill. I also know it is not always honest to say they are low wage paying jobs. These oil field jobs pay $18 to start and it’s all under the table. That is a good decent wage for a strong young American male. We see these oil field workers driving souped up trucks into town on the weekend through some type of deal with the oil producers and the car dealerships. The problem is that they aren’t paying any state and federal taxes, just city taxes on goods.My son felt compelled to join the military to support his family. This just doesn’t seem right.By the way, he is a real “Native American”, people who were here in the Southwest long before the Mexican.

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