Student Suspended, Threatened Arrest for Pro-America Rally

I attended this protest, and I’ll post some video clips as soon as possible. I have some revealing footage of MEChA, the Brown Berets, and the Mexican flag wavers who were there. The reporter in the article below calls the protest “peaceful,” and I guess it’s true that no one was physically assaulted but it was a rather heated conflict. To me, “peaceful” is a Sunday afternoon on the sofa, not screaming bloody murder on the street corner.

Pictures and comments at Save Our State.

I’m on the KTLA newscast. Under News Video’s, click on 3/31 Immigration Marches Continue In So. California. I’m the friggen bald guy with the camera. I guess I pissed off that reporter so much he just had to include me in the story.

Daily Bulletin

MIRA LOMA - Groups on both side of the immigration issue demonstrated on opposite sides of Bellegrave Street this morning near Jurupa Valley High School.

The protest began at 11 a.m.

The event came about after Jurupa Valley High student Josh Denhalter asked for permission, and was denied, to hold on campus a counter-protest to the recent demonstrations and walkouts opposing the harsher penalties for illegal immigrants in HR 4437.

He said he wanted to hold the rally to show support for the United States and the efforts to protect its borders.

Denhalter was joined by members of the Save Our State and Minuteman groups who carried a large number of American flags.

Members of groups identified as MEchA and Brown Berets counter-protested across the street from his group.

Denhalter was joined by about 100 people, with about 30 on the other side.

The demonstrators were relatively peaceful, chanting back and forth. One side yelled, “Racist MEchA go away” while the other chanted, “Racist hate, save our state” and “El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido” (”The people united never will be defeated.”)

A number of motorists honked their support, waving both Mexican and American flags.

About 65 percent of the Jurupa Valley High student body were in class, according to school officials. Some parents did keep their children from school today.

Riverside County sheriff’s deputies stood on Bellegrave between the two groups.

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen group, was joined by a handful of his group’s members. He said he attended primarily to support Denhalter’s First Amendment right to protest.

Denhalter said he was suspended Thursday by school officials when he passed out fliers promoting the rally.

District and school officials said they could not comment on any student’s suspension for confidentiality reasons, but a suspended student would not face further discipline for being on the sidewalk or street directly in front of the school.

4 Responses to “Student Suspended, Threatened Arrest for Pro-America Rally”

  1. Lance Says:

    Ok lets get one thing straight. I am 1/2 Cuban , my father was a immigrant from Cuba and my grand parents on his side came from Spain, Italian,polish and native American from my mothers side ( my great grand father was native American …. with that said.. lets look at what Latinos are … Many Latinos claim to be a different race, they claim to not be “white” and that the “whites” did this or that to them…
    Ok where to Latinos come from… ( SPAIN ) that is where ALL Spanish speaking peoples forefathers came from.. now where is Spain ( EUROPE ) and lo and behold in most of Spain the people are ( white ).
    There is some dark skin mostly form the Spaniards mixing with the moors from north Africa but there is also blond hair blue eyed fair skin Spanish from mixing with the people form northern Europe.

    You don’t hear people calling the Italians a different Race than France or Dutch.. different Cultures yes… different Race no…

    Many people confuse Race and Culture.

    So to say that “White people” did bad things to “Latinos” in the past is 1/2 right … those “WHITE People” were mostly from SPAIN and Portugal” why do you think they speak Spanish and Portuguese in central , and south America and many of the islands. It was the Europeans from SPAIN and PORTUGAL that oppressed the Native Americans here at that time. The modern North or South American Latino is a mix of European Spanish/Portuguese with the native American peoples that lived here.

    Now as far as those that will now say that it was the native American “race” that was oppressed and hurt.. YES the Native Americans were hurt, they were oppressed they were wrongly treated.. but once again it was the Native American CULTURE not race… where did they come from… if you look at science .. they the Native Americans came themselves to north and south America thousands of years ago from where ???? Eurasia… they were a blend of White and Asian peoples that migrated across the Bering Straight and some made ocean crossings. If you look at out genes using science , we are all 99% the same.. IF you want to classify Race at all then at most there are 3 actual races Black , White , Asian. All equal, and all 99% the same genetically . All the other so called Races are mixes of those main 3. What is different all over the world are CULTURES>>>>> Culture is where we as humans differ the most and is where most of our wars and problems come from.

    The Latino culture it self is vastly different from Central America , to South America and the Islands.. but in the end it was Spaniards and Portuguese that came from EUROPE and enslaved the NATIVE AMERICAN peoples living here at the time the same ones that MIGRATED from ( EURASIA ).

    So in closing , before you point fingers at RACE do some study of SCIENCE , ANTHROPOLOGY , HISTROY, and realize that RACE and CULTURE are TOTALLY Diffrent things… and when you point at some “white” person and say his people did this to my people… you are mostlikely pointing at your OWN people .

    Racism in ANY form is WRONG. Its the different cultures that need to learn to live peacefully together. Hopefully any and ALL racism will end one day and our cultures can live in peace with each other.

    Lastly my wife is a LEGAL immigrant from Ukraine. I am ALL for LEGAL immigration, but I do agree that we need a wall and the military on the boarder to stop the ILLEGALS. America can not absorb millions of illegals that refuse to be a part of America.

  2. Ron Says:

    I agree with lance, and I enjoyed the “True Romance” reference. I think Dennis Hopper is a pretty good actor as well.

  3. Lara Says:

    That is why the illegal needs to do two things.
    one is apply for a green card where they can live here permentally and learn to read,speak and write english or two
    they can apply in the military and prove to us Americans that they are willing to fight for this country to be Americans. Otherwise they need to go home and leave us alone.

  4. Michael Says:

    Wow,well said Lance

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