Fox Refuses To Police Mexican Border

NY Times

Mexican President Vicente Fox said his government was preparing to extradite at least 24 drug traffickers to the United States, but he ruled out using police to stop migrants on Mexico’s side of the border.

Speaking to reporters in Cancun, where he was meeting with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Fox said Thursday he couldn’t release the names of the traffickers facing extradition, and warned they might react violently to the prospect of being sent abroad.

‘’This will be punishment for them because we’ll take them out of Mexico so they stop operating,'’ Fox said.

3 Responses to “Fox Refuses To Police Mexican Border”

  1. bob Says:

    They use the military to beat the hell out of guatemalans on the southern mexican border but they won’t use police to respect our sovereignty on the northern mexican border.

  2. The Watchdog Says:

    The truth is that Fox has very little control over the police in Mexico. They are criminals in cheap, poorly fitted uniforms that beat and rob tourists along with their own people.

  3. Joe Says:

    They are corrupt from the top down. This is a way of life down there, just ask anyone who has lived there and knows…
    Fox is just unloading his trash on us and using them to bolster his economy. And they come here and can’t even do that right and end up making up twenty five percent of our prison population.

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