Democrats Split On Illegal Immigration

Washington Post

New economic research that pits native-born workers against low-skilled immigrants in a struggle for jobs and wages has fueled a rift between some of Washington’s most liberal lawmakers and their allies in economics and labor, who fear that the Democratic Party is pushing an immigration policy that forsakes the party’s working-class mainstay.

The quarrel comes as the Senate debates a proposal to bring millions of immigrants into the legal workforce. A growing body of economic research contends that the recent surge of foreign workers has depressed wages for low-skilled workers, especially for high school dropouts, and has even begun displacing native-born workers. That benefits employers, higher-income consumers and the economy at large, but it may exacerbate the problems of the working class.

4 Responses to “Democrats Split On Illegal Immigration”

  1. thomas miller Says:

    What does our country do when our leaders will not enforce the law. Where do we go from there. We have to smart enough to vote them out. The true felons are in Washington. They created this problem. The mexicans are just looking for a job and at this point had no reason to think they were doing anything wrong. Our goverment is a complete faiure.

  2. J Says:

    Sure, lets blame the politicians for our weakness. Did you ever think that if your weak ass ever stood up for yourself and stopped depending on those morons in congress that we may have a chance?
    They don’t care about you, man. You’re just another name and another number. Stop depending on those dumbasses in government and take your country back.

  3. thomas miller Says:

    You did not get the point. It is exactley what I am saying. The whole country is a bunch of weak asses because we do not vote them out. What are you doing?

  4. thomas miller Says:

    On another note. I am from California and not matter what other parts of the country say we have been screeming about this for years and years with nobody to listen. Now it has effected the entire country and thank goodness this country appears to be waking up. This has got to end and now.

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