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FAIR update:

The Senate continues to debate immigration reform this week as the public anxiously awaits action on the Kennedy/Bush amnesty plan and the Frist border security plan that also doubles legal immigration taking jobs from doctors, nurses and high-tech workers.

The dangerous proposal sent to the Senate Floor by Senator Specter would grant amnesty to the illegal aliens present in the United States while at the same time opening the door for a million more guest workers to come to the country. Those guest workers will also be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Senators have begun to explain their support of the Bush Amnesty plan by trying in vain to convince the American public it isn’t amnesty. Here’s why most Americans know the Specter proposal is an Amnesty:

1. There is no punishment for having broken our laws
2. Illegal aliens can continue to stay/live here
3. Illegal aliens can continue to work here
4. Despite breaking our laws, illegal aliens are given a privileged path to U.S. citizenship
5. In essence, illegal aliens are rewarded for breaking our laws

The Senate does not even know what the impact of this legislation. When Senator Specter was asked if he and his colleagues “were looking at the considerable demographic impact” of the bill, Specter replied, “No. We’ve barely been able to get this bill typed up.” Why then are we rushing this important national policy change through? The U.S. Senate needs to hear from the American people. Too often those on Capitol Hill are willing to trade the interests of the American people for special interests. Call today, tomorrow and the rest of the week to make your voices heard!

These Senators are reportedly on the fence about which way they will vote-for special interest or the public interest. Please call these Senators to tell them to vote against the Specter legislation and the Frist legislation. We need to adopt border security and enforcement only provisions like S. 2377 introduced by Senators Nelson, Coburn and Sessions.
Call these Senators’ offices now!

Sen. Lott R-MS (202) 224-6253

Sen. Allen R-VA (202) 224-4024

Sen. Allard R-CO (202) 224-5941

Sen. Bond R-MO (202) 224-5721

Sen. Burns R-MT (202) 224-2644

Sen. Chambliss R-GA (202) 224-3521

Sen. Cornyn R-TX (202) 224-2934

Sen. Hatch R-UT (202) 224-5251

Sen. Dorgan D-ND (202) 224-2551

Sen. Kyl R-AZ (202) 224-4521

Sen. Sununu R-NH (202) 224-2841

Sen. Ensign R-NV (202) 224-6244

Sen. Rockefeller D-WV (202) 224-6472

Sen. Stabenow D-MI (202) 224-4822
Sen. Feinstein D-CA (202) 224-3841

Sen. Frist R-TN (202) 224-3344

Sen. Talent R-MO (202) 224-6154

Sen. Thomas R-WY (202) 224-6441

Sen. DeMint R-SC (202) 224-6121

Sen. Burr R-NC (202) 224-3154

Sen. Bennett R-UT (202) 224-5444

Sen. Hutchison R-TX (202) 224-5922

Sen. Snowe R-ME (202) 224-5344

Sen. Enzi R-WY (202) 224-3424

Sen. McConnell R-KY (202) 224-2541

Sen. Murkowski R-AK (202) 224-6665

Sen. Santorum R-PA (202) 224-6324

Sen. Thune R-SD (202) 224-2321

Sen. Bunning R-KY (202) 224-4343

17 Responses to “Call The Fence Sitters”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Call the senators! yes! This is not a joke- and as Terry Anderson says-There is no practice America. If we fall from this tightrope we are walking, the splat at the bottom will be real. At work, I have actually given object lessons where someone will be sitting at my desk and I go ‘just a second’ then call the SOBs and give them 30 seconds of hell right in front of my visitor. I do this to show them that they CAN actually call THEIR EMPLOYEES and tell them what to do and if necceasry, where to go. I’m affraid that so many of us live on remote control that to do your duty [calling, faxing, etc] seems like some kind of madness. The object lessons work well I think, and I am sure that most people have never called not even once in their lives. not with praise, not with condemnation. That is very sad. I have the 1 888 355 3588 toll free number memorized and I give it out wherever/whenever I can I would like to ask if you will please do the same. After all, its OUR government.

  2. Ron Says:

    Go get ‘em Vincent, I’m calling as well, and instructing any American I come in contact with to do the same.

  3. The Watchdog Says:

    So far all of my calls are busy signals and answering machines. I guess we’re not the only ones.

    Keep calling!!!

  4. Contessa Says:

    Ditto! BTW, I helped spread the word last night as a guest on an East Coast news show, “It’s your Call with Lynn Doyle”. I along with D.A. John Morganelli (anti-illegal immigration activist, etc.) debated an immigration lawyer and a director of a La Raza affiliate, Centro Presente in Cambridge, MA. The host was totally with us on the issue. The live polls taken during the show indicated that over 70% of the respondents wanted to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants, a small % said that we should have guestworkers and about 3% said they were unsure. Our side won the debate, hands down. The La Raza woman was totally out of her league. She was trying to debate with 3 attorneys, all of us very knowledgeable about the law and issues. She went off on a rant about corn in Mexico. It was almost laughable. She actually said that illegal immigrants are forced to commit identity theft and document fraud. The D.A. went nuts on her - it was rather amusing.

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I ve taken a new approach with these interns and I dont know if it ‘works’, but Ill file my report here anyway. Usually I just give them a short and pointed rant with clear instructions NO GUESSED WORKER. This time what I do is ASK them [instead of telling them] WHAT the senator is doing today and most importantly WHY he is leaning that way Its suprizing just even as a kindo of scientific experiment…EVERY TIME Ive done this the response is at first silence followed by clumsy inarticulate fumbling in the dark. My diagnosis? They are ALL unprepared to have to give an account. They have all been trained to be ‘polite’ and pretend to listen- they say’Ill let him know that..etc but when they actually have to think……? Wanna FLATTEN ‘EM???? ASK ‘EM!!!!!

  6. Ron Says:

    Way to go Contessa, the illegal alien lobbies arguments are angirly laughable, that’s why they always play the race card, when it actually has nothing to due with skin tone. But, it is an effective tool to stifle honest dialogue and that’s why they use it.

    On the calling front ,Trent Lott (R-Mississippi) who has come out in favor of amnesty has a staffer who I was transferred to that handles his immigration policies isn’t taking any calls. These spineless traitors make me sick. They represent foreigners/corporate america and won’t talk to Americans.

  7. The Watchdog Says:

    Barbara Boxer doesn’t communicate with constituents either. She’s been this way for some time now.

  8. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I found this same thing with Lott. May he be turned into a pillar of salt! I ve called that snake twice today and both times, got shifted to , uh, whoever that guy is. Im calling them again and just telling directly to the girl that answers that Lott ought not to vote against America.

  9. New American Populist Says:

    Honestly, I think its time to start a new party, since our representatives on BOTH sides of the aisle will no longer represent us. Though I am still quite young, (not even done with college yet) I am and always have been an ardent America-Firster. I respect people like Lou Dobbs who have the courage to speak out against this sort of B.S., and I honestly believe it’s time that we found a new party and get the current corrupt bastards out of office ASAP. I’m even considering starting a moderate party that represents the Middle Class and the interests of America, FIRST AND FOREMOST. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, EITHER THE GOVERNMENT REPRESENTS US OR THEY ARE OUT.

  10. Mike Says:

    I’ve used to get the fax numbers and emails of the senators — just click on the state pulldown at upper right.
    Without any strong reason I think that faxes are better than emails, but was doing whatever works. Many senators’ pages list multiple offices, so if you don’t get a response with the DC number, then try one of their field offices, they are usually more available.
    I went by Feinstein’s office on Monday Apr. 3 and recognized the door, painting, and people seen in the video on this site. I just handed them a letter explaining why illegal immigration is bad. But I enjoyed the video — the Feinstein rep starts off a bit haughty but towards the end it seems he’s uncomfortable with these good arguments that he doesn’t know how to respond to — and maybe 1% thinks the interrogator is correct (up from 0%). So persistent effort is worthwhile.

  11. Mike D. Says:

    Dear Moderator:

    This is probably way too long for comments but may be a good example of a letter and a range of points on why illegal immigration is bad for the U.S., to help others write their letters.

    It is the basic letter I’ve been sending to senators and representatives.

    – Mike D.



    Dear Sen. XXXX,

    NO on the Judiciary Committee Bill / Specter Amendment #3192

    NO on illegal alien amnesty.

    YES on enforcement at the employer of immigration law

    YES on Kyl-Cornyn Amendment

    I have voted in every election for the past 32 years, and am mildly politically active.

    Rewarding people who knowingly broke the law with amnesty is wrong in many ways. As one example, my office manager is Veronica, a Filipino lady who came to the U.S. decades ago legally, and is now a U.S. citizen. Her relatives have applied to emigrate to the U.S. and have waited more than 20 years to come in. She is very unhappy about the many illegal entrants who jump the queue and now appear that they will be rewarded by the quisling government.

    Please remember that you were elected by U.S. citizens, such as Veronica, to represent U.S. citizens — not to represent illegal aliens who are criminally here, or the interests of the Mexican government, or unscrupulous employers who exploit illegal alien slave labor.

    Please vote against legislation promoting yet another amnesty, and vote for legislation that prevents more illegal aliens from entering. Please appropriate money to enforce immigration laws at the workplace, so that employers will be penalized for exploiting illegal alien slaves over U.S. citizens and legal U.S. residents.

    Below are some points why illegal aliens, especially at the current massive level, are bad for the United States.
    To emphasize one, which is a fundamental point



    Mike D.

    – There is immigration, and there is ILLEGAL immigration. Do you understand the difference? Don’t insult me by using the word “immigration” when the topic is *illegal* immigration.

    – The flood of illegal aliens is little different than the flood that permeated the Roman Empire as it was in decline, as Roman citizens cared more about the easy life than their citizenship, and the country was run by fools who didn’t care for their people, like Caligula and Nero, puppets of the Praetorian Guard. It is unfortunately all too easy to make analogies to contemporary America.
    – U.S. citizenship is valuable and not to be given away lightly.
    – Giving welfare, cheap tuition, and other citizen benefits, devalues citizenship.
    – We want someone who comes to the U.S. to enjoy the protection of our laws, and that means they should come here legally.
    – What does it mean to an illegal that their first act in the U.S. is, by definition, to break the law? And that America doesn’t care?
    – It is not racist to defend America and its citizens.
    – Soldiers didn’t die for their country to give it away to Mexico. Show some courage.

    – Illegal aliens are the slaves of the 21st century.
    – Widespread use of illegal immigrants gives American citizens the mindset of slaveholders. This is bad.
    – The willingness of authorities to look the other way says that breaking the law is OK. That is bad.
    – Decent honorable work, that has been done by American citizens in the past, is being stigmatized because it is done by illegal alien slaves. The prior generation of Americans may have washed dishes to get through college, but the current generation doesn’t want to do it because that is a job for illegals.
    Creating jobs that are seen as beneath Americans is fundamentally harmful to the civic virtues that are needed to sustain republican government.
    – The natural progress in performing some jobs, e.g. further mechanization of agriculture, has stopped because of the cheap wages of illegal alien slave labor. Who is going to spend the money to apply our high tech to a ’smart’ automatic strawberry picker when the grower can get an illegal alien to do it almost for free? The decline of slavery after the Civil War helped push agricultural technology.
    – Japan gets these jobs done themselves without illegals. They have robots, we get illegals.
    – I would happily pay more for produce, chicken, etc. if that were the cost of using legal employees. Economic studies have shown that the price increase would be small because the illegal labor portion is a small fraction of the cost.

    – Illegal aliens draw down the wages and take the jobs of the working poor and middle class citizens. Illegals take “the jobs Americans won’t do” because unscrupulous employers have now become used to paying slave wages.
    – A 1979 GAO study of cleaning jobs in Los Angeles showed they used to have lower-middle class black union men doing them. As illegal aliens came in at much lower wages, these became jobs “no American would do”. They get paid less than 25 years ago. That’s not the direction we want our economy to go, but instead is towards a two-tiered master/servant economy, like in Saudi Arabia or the old South. We need to avoid that.
    – The social costs include closed hospitals that have been bankrupted by unfunded mandates to service illegals, school systems that have been dragged down to the level of the ignorant poor, welfare costs, and crime.
    – Recent columns (March 2006) by Paul Krugman (no right-winger), Robert Samuelson, Thomas Sowell, and others point out the economic problems of illegal immigration.

    – Illegals spit in the face of people who wait their turn to legally enter the U.S., and the U.S. government rewards them for this with amnesty and no enforcement. This is unjust yet the government supports it.
    – Continuing rounds of amnesty just attract more illegals.
    – In 1986 the U.S. tried getting tough and opening up at same time, it was a fiasco. Fool me once, shame on me… The federal government has to demonstrate that it will enforce the laws.

    – English is a fundamental part of U.S. citizenship, and must not be chipped away by multiculturalism.
    – Why do I have to “Press 1 for English” when calling Los Angeles government offices, or some businesses? I live in the United States. What multicultural genius made this up? When Mexico has phone robots that say “Press 1 for Spanish,” please let me know.

    – By taking in illegals, we siphon off agents of change from Mexico, and that helps to keep kleptocracy in power and avoid reform. Many illegal aliens are energetic blue collar workers whose skills are matched to Mexico’s needs. Mexico is hurt because they’re losing these people.
    – What sort of friendly country prints guides on how to enter its neighbor illegally, and how to avoid attention while there?
    – I used to think the Aztlan movement for Mexico to retake the southwestern U.S. via migration was a fantasy of 1960s college students, but now I am not so sure.

    – We must have the will and courage to enforce our own laws.
    – The borders are enforcable, grandma and grandpa in lawn chairs with a telephone can do it, why can’t the feds?
    – U.S. laws need to be enforced against employers of illegals.
    – We need interior enforcement as well as on the border. The federal government already has the information it needs, all it lacks is the will. This includes prosecution of banks and other services that knowingly cater to illegals.
    – Don’t accept silly ID like Matricula Consular cards.

    – Politicians promote illegals to get more votes, both from donations from unscrupulous employers and from the multicultural left.
    – People are tired of politicians claiming they are clamping down on illegals but in fact are encouraging them.
    – Politicians need to decide that America is more important than whatever office they presently hold.


  12. The Watchdog Says:

    That’s a great letter Mike. Thanks for posting.

  13. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I’ll second that. Pretty impressive posting, Mike. Clear, concise and to the point. Sites like this are in a way, like taverns, where people wander in, say what they got to say, sit around and listen, even get into fights occasionally!;) Everybodies got their own angle but we all know who our enemy is. So, for my part, many thanks for your posting. It’d take me more than an hour to type out something like that!

  14. Roger Says:

    Specter’s is riddled with tons of rewards for illigal alliens. there are probably 70 millions more waiting on the other side of US-Mexico border ready to cross at the moment of notice of this bill’s passage.

    This wrong-headed bill of Specter is so blind to realize that 95% of illigal alliens who came here illigally did hold a job South of the border. To say that they come here looking for work would be an outright lie.

  15. Brad Says:

    Great letter Mike

  16. Arlen Sphincter (pretend Republican name) Says:

    Excellent letter Mike. With your permission I’d like to email and fax portions of it to my congressmen.

  17. Mike D. Says:

    Please do, and hopefully friends and acquaintances will send letters as well. Seems that people are slowly shifting from complaining on the Internet to actually contacting their representatives. With all the field offices they usually have, if you get a busy fax number at one, then try another. If we can hit them again early today (Friday) then maybe they will take their vacation without passing anything, get an earful from the folks back home, and think better of it. Pardon my slow reply, was travelling today.

    – Mike D.

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