Illegal Advocates Urge National Boycott

Yes, please, please, please, boycott. In fact go back home and force us to live without you. I dare you!!!

Miami Hearald

[Illegal] Immigrant advocates on Tuesday called for a nationwide boycott of jobs and schools on May 1, even as senators appeared stymied in their efforts to finish the immigration bill that is provoking controversy.

The proposed ‘’Great American Boycott of 2006′’ is being organized by some of the same activists who rallied an estimated half-million demonstrators in Los Angeles on March 25. Now, in a bid to show nationwide clout, they want immigrants and supporters to avoid work, school, buying and selling on May 1.

‘’We realize that we have been absent from the political debate in Washington, although we are the voices of those most affected by the legislation,'’ Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of Latino Movement USA, said at a news conference.

The nationwide boycott is also being organized through the ANSWER Coalition, whose member groups range from the Free Palestine Alliance to the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Korea Truth Coalition.

The boycott, along with upcoming nationwide rallies scheduled for Monday, represents the loudest aspect of a debate that has meandered on Capitol Hill for the past week. On Tuesday, despite some ongoing Republican compromise negotiations, increasingly irritated senators acknowledged they lack the 60 votes necessary to pass legislation.

‘’I'm very frustrated right now,'’ Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist conceded Tuesday evening, adding, “We’re making no progress whatsoever.'’

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