Martinez Says Waving Mexican Flags `Terrible’

The march organizers are handing out American flags to people and pleading with them to leave their Mexican flags and Reconquista signs at home but the damage has already been done.

Miami Hearald

Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, who was a key negotiator in crafting a Senate compromise on immigration, had a word of advice Friday for immigrant groups protesting a House proposal to make felons out of illegal immigrants: Keep the Mexican flags at home.

‘’I think it’s terrible,'’ the Republican senator said of the Mexican flags that have drawn criticism as protesters wield them at immigration rallies nationwide. “I think it’s a very mixed message.'’

‘’It’s fine for people to express themselves,'’ the Cuban-born Martinez said. “But if what this is about is the opportunity to be an American, to be a resident of America, to work in America and, ultimately, to be a citizen of America, they need to be carrying American flags.'’

8 Responses to “Martinez Says Waving Mexican Flags `Terrible’”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    It is only for public relations reasons that they leave their mexiflags at home.

  2. David M. Says:

    Well, isn’t he a master of the obvious. The damage is already done though and even the idiots in Washington can’t ignore it. I did notice that at the Washington protest, their were very few foreign flags.

    No matter what flags they wave though, everyone already knows what their TRUE agenda is.

  3. L. A. Gratton Says:

    If this ‘amnesty bill’ goes through and we officially sanction the so called worker program; I predict that within a few years there will be demands from the ‘workers’ that they were treated unfairly by the US .

    They will want reparations for the oppression of the US government and the world will condemn us for ‘using’ these workers as slaves.

    The illegals have no rights in this country. What they receive is more courtesy and consideration than they deserve; given they are breaking our laws by just being here.

    Institutions such as churches should immediately lose their ‘not-for-profit’ status when they intentionally help people break the law.

  4. Margaret Says:

    I am the second generation of Japanese/Scotch-Irish ancestry. My mother obtained her citizenship in 1961, she worked two part-time jobs, one full-time job and went to night school to learn ENGLISH. All this while raising five children-I am very proud of her. I lived overseas for nearly two years and learned the local language and culture of my host country. It is ridiculous for anyone to expect to work and survive in a foreign country without learning the culture and the LANGAUGE. No other country in the world makes such concessions to one segment of the population. If you were to travel ANYWHERE and demand the same treatment as the citizens who live and work in ANY country and demand that local language translated into ENGLISH be offered as part of school curriculum, you would be told “go HOME, American- you are not a citizen- YOU speak MY language”.

    To not learn the language of the country you choose to live and work
    in, is not only disrespectful of your host country-it shows a lack of
    survival skills to become more than unskilled, unpaid labor. ’nuff said.

  5. Robin Says:

    I think it is outrageous that the organizer have taken the Mexican flags away and handed the open border crowd American flags! It is a desecration of our flag in my opinion.

    Those breaking our U.S. immigration laws, should be returned to their homeland - carry their country flag on THEIR soil

  6. Robert Alexander Says:

    Would someone like to inform the Senate, House, President, and Attorney General that their “Patriot Act” is being violated by these marches? I don’t get it, they are the lawmakers and enforcers that came up with Section 2331, defined in Section 804 of the Patriot Act, “domestic terrorism”. This section states it is a violation of the Act for foreign nationals to threaten or coerce a change in a U.S. law. The wording is very direct and fits this better than O.J.’s glove.

    So, why hasn’t anyone on the Hill that signed this law even recognizing this exists? Just like the illegals that violated our laws to come here, now demanding equal rights as citizens, even insanely comparing themselves to the American “slaves” gaining their freedom? Excuse me, but Afri-Am have paid their dues since the first boat came from Europe, they didn’t just swim a river. What an insult to the NAACP!!!

  7. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    thanks for that heads up, Robert Alexander. I’ll use those exact citations when Im hammering ‘my’ senator tomorrow on the phone [well, his office girl] BROWNBACK UPDATE- his phone banks in 3 offices were jammed all morning-which I hope means that people were busy damning him to hell on the phone. Afternoon I finally got through to the Wichita office. They told me he was still in Washington. I call Washington [after leaving a burn mark in the receptionists ear of course] They inform me that he is in Kansas. I capitalize on their confusion and use it as a devise to point to other ineptitudes of their little flea-circus. They direct me to Topeka-Topeka informs me that they dont know where he is but transfer me to a pleasant voiced woman who is in charge of ‘immigration concerns’ We talked for some 12-15 minutes. Thats where I applied my new technique of interogation - and again I say- IT COOKS!!! I asked her if Brokeback knew who Mecha was…she was lost does he know what AZTLAN is? strained silence Antonio Villaragosa? Alberto Gonzolez? La Raza? Does Sam Brokeback know that over HALF the federal cases on Kansas dockets are for cases involving ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? [out of an estimated pop. of 50,000-thats pretty good reason to find pause, dont you think? etc. She didnt know what or who ANY of these people/things were-except for gonzolez. Tomorrow I am calling to demand that I get written confirmation of his ignorance of these things in an effort to build a legal case against him. VIVA EL PUEBLO, eh, Sammy?

  8. A MAN Says:

    We are being invaded by Mexicans. They do not wish to be Americans, they only want to take land form us. They ahev been misguided into the belief that the southwest is theirs. Do we sit back and watch the loss of our land, or do we fight for what is ours?

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