Who Are They Marching Against?

National Review

The marches are, in effect, directed against the voters since they stand behind the Republican legislators blocking the bill. If one listens carefully to the rhetoric of the marchers and their organizers, they deny the right of Congress and the voters to control immigration, to expel illegal immigrants, or even to place any conditions on their remaining ? the conditions that the voters insist on as the minimum for any genuine compromise.

Such rhetoric comes under two headings. The first holds that the illegals are already Americans with the rights of American cities since any distinction between citizens and foreigners is suspect as xenophobic or racist. The second is that the Americans are the real foreigners since they invaded America, stole it from the Indians and Amerindians, drew their own illegal borders across it, and now seek to criminalize the original inhabitants.

These two positions plainly contradict each other. Neither is likely to appeal to the voters. But the second is much more repellent to ordinary Americans than the first. The demo organizers, who understand politics, have told the marchers to wave only American flags and to refrain from separatist slogans and placards. So it is very significant that many marchers ? in some cases most ? have ignored this advice, waving Mexican flags and anti-Yanqui placards.

Even if they succeed in intimidating Congress, therefore, they are alienating the voters still further. Recent polls indeed show far more voters hostile than favorable to the marchers.

16 Responses to “Who Are They Marching Against?”

  1. Thomas Says:

    They are marching against American Sovereignty.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    If you look into the shadows where MSMs cameras fear to tread, you see alot of the ‘protesters’ holding up sign wishing death on rape/publicans. That is a deep cleavage whose lack of acknolegement can be used to our advantage.

  3. Robert Tims Says:

    There seems to be serious misunderstanding what an immigrant is, even by those of us opposing illegal immigration. What I have seen has nothing to do with legal or illegal! An immigrant is someone who leaves their country to move to an ADOPTED country. They want to take part in the structure of the ADOPTED country. They wave the flag of their ADOPTED country ? irregardless if they are there legal or illegal. The people demonstrating are not only in our country illegally, but they are a migrating horde who want to take our country and make it part of their parent country. They wave the flag of the country on whose behalf they are invading our country. Personally, they can have Kalifornia. But the rest of the country had better wake up or learn to speak Spanish and live in a government that operates on bribes and corruption; where there are few small land owners and the big land owners wear side arms while managing their peons who are not allowed to own or bear their own firearms. I?ve been to Mexico and I saw exactly that.

  4. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    They are marching against the people who are providing their financial support. It’s time to cut them off. Most of us taxpayers can’t afford it anymore.

  5. Sherri Says:

    Robert, NO they can’t have California. I live here, and I was born here–it’s my state. Second, let these people continue to march and wave their foreign flags and make their racists remarks. They’re shooting themselves in the foot and are too arrogant to realize it. The idiots in Congress might be intimidated, but the American people are not. We are fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore.

  6. Richard Says:

    I live in Houston and know lots of Mexican. They all have European names like Garica, Alvarez. ect and are Catholic. Maybe the Mexicans shoud change there name like Malcom X did.

    For example somebody named Pedro Garcia should call himself Pedro X.

  7. the true american!!! Says:

    The immigrants are marching against a government whom by force took western “America” from mexico…..in case you did not know…mexicans have been here before the spanish and way the f@ck before english pilgrims decided to leave england because of religion problems…….incase you didn’t know that mexicans are “Native Americans” because they own this land and lived here………..and who the h@ll give the United states the name of “AMERICA”…i thought “AMERICA” was the whole continent not just one country that by force took everbody elses land……i am a true native…..

  8. Alice Says:

    The first thing I would like to make plain is that the whole immigration issue centers around Mexicans. They are the only ones that are causing all of this chaos. Our sworn officials are all allowing them to run amok because because of personal reasons, they want the Hispanic vote, they want to retain there offices. The worse thing Los Angeles could have done was to elect Villaraigosa as mayor. Whatever Hispanics want they will get. Villaraigosa will not go against his people. He was elected to be a mayor for all of the people of L.A., but his true self has come through. He is supposed to uphold the laws, but instead he is in the middle of the marchers in full support of them. Why was he not this outspoken a couple of months ago when Hispanics inmates were terrorizing the jail systems and attacking Blacks and anybody else that were not of their race? He was and is quiet as a church mouse.

    In Los Angeles most of our schools are on year round schedules because we have such a huge Hispanic population. Many of them do not speak English which means more time is spent teaching kids in Spanish than in English, we are paying the taxes, but our kids are the ones that are suffering.

    What do you think would happen if citizens decided to stop paying taxes? They seem to be doing them more good than us and we are already on our way to becoming a third world country. What is it going to take for more of our polititians to step up to the plate and do something? We cannot continue to allow people to cross the border at the rate they are coming and we are already having trouble supporting the ones that are here. We still have citizens in the Gulf Coast that need help and L.A. has a huge homeless population.

  9. Richard Says:

    Then if that is the case Mexicans should should stop speaking Spanish and convert to the religion of their ancestors.

    True American.

    You have no European or Arabic blood in you. You are 100% native American?

    I had a friend who worked in the middle east and they take mexican soup operas and dubbed them in Arabic because the they look Mexicans look like so much like them.

  10. Richard Says:


    Does not look like a Native American to me.

    He looks kinda like this guy.


  11. Kestrel Says:

    True American…think about this: if the Southwest was part of Mexico,
    Mexico would screw it up beyond repair in six months and all of the
    illegals who wanted it part of Mexico would have to sneak into what
    was left of the United States to get a good job.

  12. Gerry Says:

    For everybody else: True American is a moron without peer. Mexicans are NOT a pure blood people! If they were, they would not speak Spanish as their national language! As I recall, Spaniards came from Spain! Regardless, I do not think we can give back the SouthWest to the “Spaniards” anymore than we can give back the rest of the country to the “TRUE AMERICANS” Too bad bud! Guess you will have to eat Angus like the rest of us!

  13. terry Says:

    I really like the constitutional Right to Bear Atms.

  14. terry Says:

    I like the right to bear arms. If the government wont do it the citizens, legal ones will.

  15. Jamin Meji Says:

    The people that come from Mexico, have true Indian blood.
    The MUD’s (Meztizo/White) are the ones running Mexico.
    When the Spaniards invaded Mexico, only seven families ruled Mexico.
    Those 7 families until these days are the richest in the country,
    The US and Mexico work together to maintain corporate profits while, ruining the quality of life of both US and Mexico (Indian) citizens.

    Some of the illegals actually, speak dialects not Spanish.
    Know your facts before you post IDIOT.

  16. Mary Says:

    Know your facts before you post IDIOT.

    The indigenous people of Mexico are not the same as the indigenous people of the American Southwest. Did the Mayans and Aztecs rule above the Rio Grande? I don’t think so! Funny thing, I’ve never seen a Mayan temple in Texas, have you?

    Perhaps you should learn YOUR FACTS before you POST, ma’am? Indigenous peoples of California are Pima, Ohlone, Miwok, Wynot, Yuba, etc. The indigenous peoples of the Southwest and Utah are Apache, Comanche, Paiute, Ute, Hopi, Navajo/Dine, Pueblo, etc. See any Mayans or Aztecs there? No? Well then, STFU. We Americans owe our debts to those before-named folks, that is true, we owe them big time, but godamned if we owe anything to the descendants of Mayans and Aztecs. You gotta problem with how the Spaniards treated the indigenes of Mexico? Send it on a postcard to His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain. We Yanquis are not responsible for Mexico’s problems nor for the Spanish colonists’ treatment of indigenous peoples.

    The MUD?s (Meztizo/White) are the ones running Mexico.

    So freakin’ what? It ain’t our fault that Mexico is f*cked up. We built the greatest nation in the world out of nothing — Mexico got colonized at the same times as we did and it’s still sh*t, after all these years, how come? How come in 200 years we built the greatest nation in the world while in 200 years Mexico built a Third World nation full of poverty-stricken peons and peasants?

    US, Australia, Canada, all the former British colonies are great, rich nations; Latin America is full of nothing but poverty-stricken, violent hellholes. How come? How come Puerto Rico is the only Latin American country with a decent standard of living? ‘Cause Puerto Rico’s protected by and invested in by an Anglo government, that’s why.

    ‘Cause Anglo governments, political systems and economic systems are better than Hispanic alternatives. Deal with it! And quit trying to bring your inferior Hispanic government and social problems over here. We don’t want ‘em. We are an Anglo nation — you can join us but don’t expect us to adopt your inferior systems of government, economics etc. We won’t do it!

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