Catholic Bishops To Left Of Flock On Immigration

Washington Times

“It does not surprise me that Catholics do not fully line up with U.S. bishops’ position on immigration,” said the Rev. Rick Ryscavage, former executive director of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ immigration office. “It is really a ‘teaching’ position and quite countercultural, not easily accepted.”

In the Zogby survey, age made a difference in Catholic attitudes. Forty-five percent of Catholics ages 18-29 supported amnesty compared with 23 percent of those older than 60.

Hispanics themselves are divided on the topic, said Edwin Hernandez, a research fellow for the Center for the Study of Latino Religion at the University of Notre Dame. Citing a 2004 Pew survey of the political views of 2,228 Hispanics, he said 36 percent of Catholic Hispanics favored increasing the amount of legal immigrants, compared with 27 percent of Protestant Hispanics.

“The recent [illegal] immigrants tend to be Roman Catholics,” Mr. Hernandez said, “whereas Protestants are mostly second- and third-generation overall.”

3 Responses to “Catholic Bishops To Left Of Flock On Immigration”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …”of Catholic Bishops’ immigration office. “It is really a вЂ?teaching’ position and quite countercultural, not easily accepted.” ” That ‘counter-cultural’ bit there is mostly a stale left-over 1960’s Jesuitism meant to embolden you into an action or belief you wouldnt otherwise take, or do. I will make the same comment I made yesterday in a different context. To paint ‘illegalsYES’ as a manifestation of leftism, and ‘ILLEGALSno’ as a manifestation of rightism, even if it were ever true once upon a time, can certainly not be true currently. I think that those categories [and/or modes of analysis] have been distorted beyond retrieval. The emerging right way to see the battle field might just be NationState - Internationalist . Its too early to see.

  2. Mary Says:

    I’m glad I left the Catholic Church, some 19 years ago. No collection plate for their LaRaza compadres from me!

  3. Carlton Says:

    If cardinal mahoney and the catholic biships want amnesty let them pay for their education, health benefits and take over their welfare and social security payments. If amnesty (guest worker program) is extended to these law breaking illegals the american tax payer will have to cough up an additional 29 billion dollars per year plus whatever their families will cost us. America does not owe the people of mexico a free ride in our country. We should treat them like mexico treats americans.

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